F O C U S 

My dad for as long as I can remember told me to focus. I’ve never really understood what he meant by it until now.

I get easily distracted and procrastinate on things. I fall in love with something else other than what I’m working on and lose sight of my real goals.

When something I’ve been doing doesn’t feel right I’ve filled my life with other distractions.

This past year has been epic. I’ve had so many ups and downs. I’ve made drastic decisions without really understanding why.

When I’m at the cutting table working and notice my mind drift off to la la land. I grab a marker and write focus on my arm.

I need to take that same mentality and apply it to my life. I need to focus and stop letting all these distractions take away from my dream.

So as of next week, I’ll be back in the studio on a more full-time basis.

My stockists need stock, I have orders coming out my ears and this weather is calling for some epic NIZETI dresses.

Thank you for all the social media love. Please keep it coming.


📸  Alex Carlyle

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