Since moving into my studio I’ve taken on some negative feedback from strangers.

Mostly from random people who know of me but have never purchased from me. They come past my studio and feel the need to offload their daily negativity quota on me. “Oh you won’t do as well”. “Who will find you here”.

I smile and brush it off but recently I received a letter.

A hate letter. Slipped under my studio door.

From a complete stranger. Who I’ve never met and someone who has never purchased or seen my clothes.

Outlined in this hate letter was the reasons why my business will fail based on the fact that I’m rarely in my studio. Valid reason, I’m not always there and have been struggling to commit to consistent trading hours.

It got to me. Why would a complete stranger go to so much effort to be so hateful!

Well, random lady, this is one of many reasons why I’m not in my studio. It’s not because I’m wealthy and can afford not to be there.

It’s because I love my family and support them as best I can.

So instead I take your hate and turn it into love by upping my quota of random acts of kindness.

Be fucken nice. Because you just don’t know what people are struggling with.


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