This morning while waiting in line for our maccas order. A lady in gym gear looking like the most put together person I’ve ever seen all while taming her squad of kids was staring at me.

I woke up feeling like a fucken mess. I stayed up late working to be woken at 6am by my little one. I also failed to find an appropriate bra for my dress so I’m braless, makeup-less and shoeless. Let’s not get started on mummy guilt for a:feeding child maccas b:dropping child to grandmas for the day. But I’m wearing one of my designs and my leather jacket draped over my shoulders. I avoid eye contact at all costs when in this state.

But this gorgeous lady comes up to me and says: “I just wanted to say that you look beautiful, I love your dress”

What! I’m a mess! She left me speechless, I smiled and thanked her.

In my head I was yelling “I made it”. My imposter syndrome silences that thought. That’s for another post.

Lady, you made my day.

All I can think about are the beautiful compliments women will get wearing my designs.

This weekends request is if you look at someone and think wow they are beautiful. TELL THEM!

Happy Saturday lovers ❤️

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