This not only affects me and my own life but it’s affecting everyone. We’re all putting ourselves out there on social media in some way.Over the past 10 months, I’ve become more comfortable sharing my experiences and have tried to be more forthcoming with my life. Recently with that has come a negative backlash. With most of the negativity I receive, I try to respond with love, then forgive and forget.

But sometimes it hurts, I feel uncomfortable and angry. My ego immediately takes me straight to the defence.

But in these situations lies a gift and I’m learning to use these moments as learning opportunities. It made me realise I should bring more light into my posts and be really mindful of expressing lovely, enlightening and inspiring messages.

The experience of caring and being defensive isn’t so much about what other people think, it’s really just my own feelings of inadequacy. I’m excited to heal this revelation within so I can really transcend whatever is thrown at me.

As we all begin to share more online, we need to be mindful of sharing positive content. As a viewer and as a creator.

We should all do our best to put beautiful messages into the world. If there’s something that is triggering you reading someone’s post rather then comment with nastiness or create gossip. Ask yourself and think for yourself, what is it within me that is being triggered and why?

Let’s all become more mindful of the ways we treat one another and the ways we express ourselves. We need more love in the world with less judgement.

Peace out. x


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