Kindness Gang

YES, I’m crazy enough to think that I can change the world.

I’ve transformed my life by solving what my happiness equation is. It’s being of service and making other people smile. Yes, that simple.

A random act of kindness no matter how small is going to positively impact everyone’s lives. It sets off a chain reaction. It replicates and goes viral. In the most beautiful way, it spreads like a shockwave.

Kindness makes the invisible VISIBLE!

It makes us shine brighter and brings us into the current moment. It creates magic.

So I want to be kind to you. I want to impact your life. I want to remind you how amazing you are. I want to send you surprises and notes.

The ripple effect of me being kind to you will change the world.

Be part of my kindness gang and sign up here.

NOTE: This isn’t my mailing list. This is an exclusive list for people who want to be part of my kindness evolution. Curious aren’t you?

Melinda x

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