NIZETI ✖️ 2018 

 During my 5-month NIZETI sabbatical, I’ve constantly changed my mind about what I want to do with NIZETI.

After losing my Nonna my intention was to close it all down. Sell everything left over, give my hundreds of patterns away and never looking at fashion again.

But then I’d have beautiful moments like…
Styling a photo shoot with my designs with the dream team, having my VIP’s beg me to create more for them, seeing you wear my dresses….

Even launching Pop Up Kindness and being busier than I ever imaged has not been enough to stop me dreaming of creating one of a kind dresses….

To turn my dreams into reality I’m creating dresses again.

I’m not thinking about the how or when or what.

Just going to make you one dress at a time……

Follow me on socials and join my NIZETI tribe to stay up to date.

2018 is going to be magic.

Join the NIZETI tribe here:

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