NEW YEARS DAY – The Stingray Incident

While boating with my boyfriend, my little man and friends I was stung by a stingray.

I was swimming in shallow water in one of the bays in Pittwater.

We had no idea what cut my foot, the cut was small but deep to the bone and the pain was excruciating! For me, was comparable to labour pain.

I went into shock and my condition worsened. My awesome friends went into action to get me to land and paramedics asap.

My heart rate was high, blood pressure was low and breathing was a struggle. HELLO green whistle & morphine!

I’m sharing this just to raise awareness really. I invaded the space of a beautiful animal who was just defending himself.

So If you ever come across a stingray sting here’s what I was told to do the next time….

1. Get your foot in the hottest possible water that your skin can take without getting burned.
2. If the wound is small, don’t try to stop the bleeding. Letting the wound bleed will allow the venom to steep out.
3. Try not to panic. This will just increase your heart rate and pump the venom into the rest of your body.
4. Seek medical attention. While rarely life-threatening, that pain is a 10. There’s a risk that fragments of the barb may be left in the wound which could lead to further issues.

Oh and shuffle instead of walking in shallow water to scare them away! My ED doc said this is called the stingray shuffle.

My foot is still swollen and still struggling to put pressure on it but I’m pain free.

Anyone else been stung by a ray?

Where do I find swimming shoes from? haha


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